Gutters Ready

Gutters ready for a 5 STAR Gutter Cleaning? Get your gutters cleaned every 6 months. Ask about our 6 month reminder specials.

First: Water! Ensure that outside water is accessible (on). Water is used to help flush gutters, downspouts and help clean any mess left on gutter system, windows or decks. If water is not accessible upon arrival, we may not be able to clean the gutter system as needed and could possibly reschedule your cleaning.

Second: BRING ALL PETS INDOORS. We do not assume that your pets are friendly. Free roaming pets could also be injured by flying debris. Sticks, rocks, and acorns all hurt when they come flying out of the gutters during cleaning. I know this personally!

Third: Cover all items on decks and porches, such as; plants, furniture and whatnot’s that you don’t want to get gutter debris on. We make every effort to clean-up after we’re done, however, we cannot control Mother Nature.

Forth: Unlock the gate. Our insurance prevents us from “hopping” fences. According to them, this is when a lot of injuries occur. Therefore, a locked gate will prevent us from giving you the 5 STAR services you deserve. Please leave a gate unlocked!

Fifth: The FIRST item, SECOND item, and FOURTH item will require the cleaning to be rescheduled if no one is home.


Thanks, Your 5 Star Crew!!